Our website was created to bring to light the work of SonShine Enterprise, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit in Idaho. Brent and Pamela Adamson, our big-time faithful supporters began this adventure with a dream to further the work of faith and do it in a historic building. They have purchased The Boise Basin Mercantile in Idaho City, Idaho and it will be managed by SonShine Enterprise so all proceeds or income from the building will go into improvement and stabilization. This is a Veteran owned adventure with a God flavor. So, ask your questions or come visit, and help us do a good thing for Idaho City history and bring a brighter light to this great area that abounds in ‘golden’ history.

Since SonShine Enterprise is a public charity with a faith-based slant, as such, all our work will endeavor to reflect that goal. The three main outreaches are under the roof of The Boise Basin Mercantile. We have Mountain Life Ministries as our first tenant, and their thrift story is up and going again to provide for the needs in the community. They will also hold their ‘coffee-house-church’ in the building on Sundays and teach the Word. Secondly, we will continue to help the school and community with food and other needs. History preservation is the third part as we stabilize the Merc and have it open and available for use, some light retail, and of course tours of the many stories and lives that have gone on in this building for more than 150 years. The gold rush was huge in this area and we want people to see that in person.

Pamela Adamson— A great mom, wife, believer, and 40+ year Veteran in the Idaho Air National Guard (retired). A tireless worker to make things better and put smiles on the face of those she helps.

Brent Adamson— Since ’83 has called Idaho home and has kept busy in a variety of endeavors to better this great spot in the mountains. Some of them include– dad to five great kids, Preacher, Politician, business owner, and handy-man.